“Au delà…” Exhibition at Odradek in Brussels

Welcome to exhibition ” Au-delà de …” / “Beyond..” by Anna-Maija Rissanen and Dandan Jiang at Gallery Odradek in Brussels, Belgium. Exhibition is open 10.09-10.10.2020, on Fri-Sat, at 14:00 to 18:00 and on demand.

Address of venue: rue Américaine 35, 1060 Brussels, odradekresidence@gmail.com


Anna-Maija Rissanen and Dandan Jiang have made a series of semi-abstract landscape paintings inspired by nature and its atmospheric moods, as well as from traditional Chinese aesthetics. Both are engaged in academic research and are experimenting with new cultural approaches.

Dandan Jiang works in Shanghai and Paris while Anna-Maija Rissanen, after studying in Brussels (Fine Arts) and Hangzhou (traditional Chinese painting at the China Academy of Arts), is pursuing a doctoral thesis in Shanghai.

“Beyond …” invites us to live and appreciate the in-between: nature-culture, East-West, theory-practice, painting-poetry, oneself and the other.”

(In French) “Dandan Jiang et Anna-Maija Rissanen ont réalisé une série de paysages semi-abstraits inspirés de nature et de ses ambiances atmosphériques, ainsi que de l’esthétique chinoise traditionnelle. Toutes deux, engagées dans la recherche académique et le partage de techniques mixtes, expérimentent de nouvelles approches culturelles. Dandan Jiang travaille à Shanghai et à Paris tandis qu’Anna-Maija Rissanen, après des études à Bruxelles (Beaux-Arts) et à Hangzhou (peinture traditionnelle chinoise à l’Académie Chinoise des Arts), poursuit une thèse de doctorat à Shanghai.”

« Au-delà de … » nous convoque à vivre et apprécier l’entre deux : nature-culture, Orient-Occident, théorie-pratique, peinture-poésie, soi-même et l’autre.


Étang/ Pond, 100x100cm, mixed media on paper, 2019 – Towards the cold mountains, 130x130cm, mixed media on paper, 2020
Universe, 176x273cm, mixed media on canvas, 2016
Mountains turn into green-blue, autumn waters murmur, 100x100cm, mixed media on canvas, 2020
A selection of my sketch books at show
My artist book at the middle, Dandan’s poem illustrations around. The facsimiles on smaller scale, on sale at the gallery with personal retouching
The show continues downstairs
Ode, o/100cm, mixed media on canvas, 2020 / Listening to mountains in the wind, o/90cm, acrylics and pastels on canvas, 2020
Small works in corridor
In front of the gallery Odradek
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