Between mountains and Rivers exhibition at Gallery Bronda

Between Mountains and Rivers -exhibition view at Gallery Bronda, Helsinki showing Anna-Maija Rissanen’s recent paintings.

Exhibition is on display 4.-29.5.2022 at Annankatu 16, Helsinki, Finland.

The idea of travelling into the landscape has been a recurring theme in Anna-Maija Rissanen’s art since 2009, taking the spectator on a journey to alternative worlds. By changing the perspective, a rock can become either a mountain or a grain of sand. Altering the horizon allows one to move between such parallel universes. In this exhibition her interest in mystique, strangeness and inexplicability comes to the fore when depicting landscapes within a landscape. This is her 5th exhibition at Gallery Bronda.

Gallery open Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-16, closed Mondays, Annankatu 16, Helsinki, Finland

Here a link to the video of exhibition display with my English commentary on:

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